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About efficy


  • "efficy has provided me with the chance to actively shape the company's progress, to play a pivotal role in its growth, and to have my ideas valued and heard. It's all within an environment that fosters camaraderie and celebrates achievements with enjoyable moments. Now, I'm fully prepared to embark on the journey of continued growth ahead, knowing that we're all in this together

    François Stasse

    Sales Account Executive BENELUX

  • A European company, which enabled me to build and manage a team distributed across 5 European countries. I really appreciate the fact that I'm enriched every day by the experience and culture of each of my colleagues.

    Fanny Kilanga

    Team Lead OI, Belgium

  • efficy being such a broad product with so many different ways of achieving what you need, It really allowed me to think outside the box for solutions to problems. Providing the customer with a quick solution to a problem that could otherwise drag on. The challenges don’t always come from customers and sometimes colleagues require help. With years of experience and being on the frontline of the issues coming in, It seems like people can approach me, even if it’s outside off my job description, for solutions and help. I’ve been part of efficy for over a decade. This has allowed me to see it grow from within and feel the efficy Family Feeling over all these years. People being given opportunities to grow when showing capable or willing. Even though we’ve had some structural changes recently, I’m curious to see where we’ll grow from here.

    Gert Schoolmeesters

    Customer Care Officer, Belgium

  • I really appreciate the work culture here at efficy, especially 'no blame policy' approach. It was very transformative for me to enter the environment where you can fail, try again and learn from your mistakes. It is a space where I can take calculated risks and try new things in order to make my work more efficient. It allows me to grow on professional and personal level

    Arkadiusz Zabicki

    Team Lead of SOC, Sweden

  • Efficy stands out for its vibrant and inclusive culture where diversity is central. Diversity on all levels: gender, age, experience, culture, nationality … The rich mix of backgrounds and skills generates flexibility and creativity, which are highly needed to provide tailor made solutions for our customers. It also creates a stimulating environment nurturing personal growth and self-development.

    Xavier Vanstallen

    PS Team Leader, Belgium

Co-Working & Co-Living concept

efficy revolutionises the workplace with the opening of its new “Co-Working & Co-Living” office in Brussels

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efficy revolutionises the workplace with the opening of its new “Co-Working & Co-Living” office in Brussels

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